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Festivals in Bhutan are celebrated with a great zeal and grandly. Mainly two types of festivals are celebrated in Bhutan, namely, Religious Festivals and Traditional Festivals. On the day of the festival, Bhutanese people wear colorful cloths with traditional costumes, eat delicious food, meet their relatives, friends, neighbor, sing and dance, and offer prayers. Based in Thimpu, we are one of the consistent tour operators and are engaged in organizing attractive Festival Tours for the travelers. By availing our tour packages, tourists can get the glimpse of the colorful festivals and also, we make outstanding arrangements for them.



Tshechus is a religious festival which was started during the 17th century and had a religious background. In terms of performance, the dance may appear similar but each dance has its own spiritual importance and every mask dance has a significant religious message. Also, in each dance the costumes and masks are completely different. The people of Bhutan believe in the fact, whosoever will attend Tshechus, will be saved from the evil happenings.

Tshechus Timing

Tshechus is a public event, which is mostly organized in two seasons i.e. autumn and spring and is generally organized for three to five days.


Festivals in Bhutan are mostly organized in wide courts of the dzongs, temples and monasteries; which become alive with music, color, and dance. It is a time to witness exclusive religious performance, socialize, and meet relatives and friends.


Dromchoes is a religious festival which is celebrated once in a year, where the monk bodies performs prayers, dances and also sings song. Dromchoes are mainly committed to protect their deity-Mahakala. Also, the traditional arm force known as pazaps perform a ceremony named Marchang.

Traditional Festivals

One of the important traditional festival of Bhutan is Losar, which is celebrated to welcome New Year. Bhutanese celebrate the festival grandly and with great enthusiasm. On the day, men play archery and women dance to cheer the players. The families, relatives and friends get together to eat and drink and moreover, they wear colorful cloths, sing and dance.